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„Passion for creation”

Lamel company has been involved in the GSM industry since 1996. During the first years of its operation the company’s main business was the distribution of accessories and GSM terminals. In 2005, trying to answer the needs of the dynamically developing market of electronic devices, the company brought to life the MyScreenPROTECTOR brand and concentrated its activities on the protection of screens of electronic devices. Ever since its establishment, the company’s key characteristics have been innovation and passion to create products that would take lead among other solutions available in the market. These products triggered the development of the company’s own production line, based on the laser-cut technology, which allowed to offer to end users a wide range of innovative and previously unavailable products, and grounded the company’s position as the precursor and the global leader in the field of screen protection.

Giving a priority to the creativity and desire to create the highest quality products in its actions, during the next years of its operation the company was proving its undisputable role of an expert in the area of protection of electronic devices, as well as creating trends and setting directions of development of this very important branch supporting the sector of customer electronics. Aside from activities related to the promotion of solutions offered by its own brand and manufactured for some of the biggest global brands, the company’s focus, since the very beginning, was to educate end users and ensure its constant development. In 2016, LAMEL brought to life two branches – in Russia and Hong Kong, ensuring further expansion to the new sale markets. Efforts related to the desire to provide customers with the best available solutions have been appreciated by numerous business partners and resulted in the company’s products being present on 6 continents and nearly within all sale channels. The company currently cooperates with the largest distributors, network operators and retail chains in the world. At the beginning of 2017, aiming to continue its development, the company was divided into two entities: Lamel Technology and Lamel Brands.

The mission of LAMEL Brands, existing since the beginning of 2017, is to create and implement complex actions related to the promotion and sale of selected brands within developed distribution sale channels globally. The activities focused on ensuring high quality, innovativeness of products and satisfaction of customers are contributing to the success of conducted endeavours. The goal of the company is to diversify the portfolio of brands offered, to fully utilize its market potential and ensure an ongoing development. The LAMEL Brands team is made out of people with passion, extensive market experience, creativity and open minds, thanks to which offered products achieve stable market position within their sale channels.


MyScreenPROTECTOR is a brand of protective films for screens and electronic device surfaces - produced in Poland by LAMEL since 2004. We're one of the leading protective films producers in Europe. We develope our market position thanks to the highest quality of products and services offered through innovative and modern solutions, often unprecedented anywhere else.

MyScreenPROTECTOR products are already available in all European countries and also spreading outside Europe. MyScreen products can also be found under other brands.

MyScreenPROTECTOR main features:

• wide product range;
• laser-cut technology guarantees the film is precisely matching the screen or device surface:
• prompt development of templates for new devices
• innovative solutions (WWW SUPPORT - universal size film for DIY cut to web-template provided, VPSystem)
• protection from damage, impact, scratch, fingerprints, bacteria, dust, dirt, reflections...
Easy to apply films without air bubbles. Easy to remove, does not leave any residues.


MyScreenPROTECTOR product examples:


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